Festive Fall

vanaf € 14,99


We are proud to introduce you to the Festive Fall autumn collection! In this collection of beautiful fall colors you will find high quality leashes with golden hardware and different collars. The collection does not only consist of collars for dogs, but also for cats.

The cat collars come with a breakaway buckle, which comes loose if the cat gets stuck on it and an adjustable collar. Both types are secured with elastic, which stretches so that the cat can free itself if necessary. The collars for both dogs and cats are made of high quality biothane and beautifully finished with PPM and our 'lucky charm' as icing on the cake. All products are made to order by hand and with a lot of love.

The standard length of the leash is about 1.70 M. Do you want the leash shorter? Let us know in the comments before checkout. Do you want the leash longer? Then fill in the customer contact form on the site. The standard width of the dog collars is 25 mm. Do you prefer the collar in 16 or 19 mm? Then write down in the comments field what width you want. Do you prefer the collar in 38 mm? Fill in the customer contact form on the site!